Destination Information for Cambodia

The first thing that strikes anyone arriving in Cambodia is the smiling faces of the people that great you. This isn’t the plastic smile of an air hostess but a genuine and warm welcome which you will become accustomed to throughout your time in this magical kingdom. The warmth of the people is probably a result of the superb surroundings in which they live. Cambodia’s rich history dates back through the ages and spectacular temples, built in another age dominate the capital city, Phnom Penh and most notably the Angkor complex of Siem Reap, our two locations in Cambodia.

The magnificent temple at Angkor Wat, thought to have been a temple dedicated to a former king, is a must for any visitor to Cambodia. The temple was given to Buddhist monks, who still care for it to this day, and it is the deep Buddhist culture of Cambodia that attracts many to this land.

But it’s not just the splendid man made attractions of Cambodia that make it such a rich place. Cambodia is also blessed with some of the most spectacular golden beaches and mystical rainforests, so when you become ‘templed out’ – or impervious to the charms of the temples – there’s always something to take your breath away.

Joining a project in Cambodia is often a great way to start a round the world tour or a great starting point for those looking to back pack their way around Asia and the Pacific. Cambodia is well connected by air and road for those looking to travel onwards to Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and beyond!

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